Thursday, January 23, 2014

Philosophy, Thoughts and Other Ramblings

I feel badly that I have long neglected this blog while trying to get my other one started. It was not intentional, that is for sure.

So today, I felt it was time for one of those random thoughts blog. This has always been the place where I put those kind.

My son and I were watching a science channel and there was a program on about the universe.  It spurned some discussion about beginnings and other things. We marveled at the things they were showing, knowing it was a part of our universe.  Then I asked him, Do you ever wonder where it all came from?  HOW did it all start?  He talked about gases and other things. So I asked.  Then, where did THAT come from?  How would it be possible for there ever to be nothing?  And if there was always something, just HOW is that possible?

I sometimes marvel at how everything works and fits together.  I look outside in the summer at the fields of corn and think about how the seeds get put in the soil and that along with the sun and water allow it to grow.

 I wonder sometimes, who was the first to use it. To figure it out.  Not just about that either. About everything. We have so much around us, so many things, it is sometimes mind-boggling to think that at one point in time much of it did not even exist.  Someone had to think it up, to invent it.  To dream it.

Music.  Where did that come from?  When was the first musical note?  Do you ever wonder how there can be so many different songs from such a finite set of notes? I do.

Art. What is it that appeals to so many?  Why does it appeal to us?  What is it about art that can bring out emotions in us.

I wonder why someone thought we needed to capture images on paper and invented photography.  Can you imagine if they had not?  Think of the things 'lost' to us forever.  Imagine if it had always existed, the things we could see now.

We had the discussion the other day about thoughts.  Not what we thought about but HOW we did.  Do you ever stop and listen to the voices in your head and wonder HOW you can hear yourself?  Then I wonder as we sit and read, how we can look at a book and hear in our head what is in the pages.  Not only that, but we can picture in our mind the visuals the words bring to us.

I often think when I hear the news and they constantly report on the 'bad' stuff about how we all at one time were just little babies.  How do some grow up to be so violent?  How can some do such horrible things?  I watch when they report about the wars and things and wonder why people can't figure out that we are all more the same than not?  We are ALL just people!  Never will I figure out how killing innocent people, people you do not even know, can solve anything.

Which suddenly makes me think about languages.  Do you ever sit and listen to someone talking in a language you don't understand?  It amazes me that THEY know what they are saying, while I have no clue!  I wonder just why there has to be so many languages out there.  Why can't there be just one? Wouldn't the world be an easier place if there was?

I often look at math, physics, geometry, science, etc and marvel at how someone, somewhere had to figure it all out.  I wonder just HOW all the numbers and letters can mean anything. Why did they decide so long ago to figure it out.

 So much knowledge in the world. So many things.  It all had to start somewhere with someone.

These are just some of the things I ponder......