Monday, August 23, 2010

Time Marches on....

and on and on...and much too fast. Don't you sometimes wish that you could stop it for awhile? Or at least slow it down?

Yesterday we got a call that hubby's aunt had passed away. She was the last of his dad's siblings. They are all gone now. I had met them all except for his dad, of course, who had passed away from cancer when Tom was young. I wish I could have known him too. It is strange to know you are the oldest generation left. My dad and his siblings were all gone by 1985. That's a long time ago. Four of my mom's siblings are still alive and I cannot imagine a world with all of them gone.

Last week I took my youngest child, my only daughter to college. I just can't believe that she is that old. Wasn't it just yesterday when the doctor lifted her up after she was born and said, "See it IS a girl!" Wasn't it just yesterday she started preschool, kindergarten, middle school? Wasn't it just yesterday she started high school and we couldn't believe she was that old? I remember thinking how time was flying then....suddenly, it started to go a whole lot faster!

All too soon we were sitting at her high school graduation...So proud. But still, finding it hard to believe that it could be possible already.
I knew this summer would go fast. Her last summer home before she moved away to college. It was a busy summer which made the time go even faster...She started counting down the days to when she got to move down there. I started counting the days to when I HAD to take her there.

We got her moved in and I didn't cry when we pulled away. I thought I would. Saved that until later. I had to put something in her room, and then it hit me. She is not here. I went shopping yesterday, our normal day to hang and do that. It was lonely. I have tears right now. I miss her for sure. I don't like she isn't here. BUT I am excited for her and what lies ahead for her. What a wonderful time of your life. I am excited to get to know this adult daughter of mine. Yes the doll houses and Barbies are long gone, but I relish this new chapter with her. I just wish it hadn't come so fast!

That is what is on my mind right now, my friends!