Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Great Way to Save Some Money When It Comes To College Textbooks!

Disclosure: I can't wait to see what books my daughter will rent with the $50 coupon I will receive for sharing about this wonderful site and idea with all of you!

All of us who have college age kids know that it is very expensive when they attend college, especially at the beginning of each semester.  You have move in expenses, room and board, tuition, personal items, and of course textbooks. I know what a large expense this can be and can remember when I went to college, so many years ago, it was always amazing, and not in a good way, at how much they cost.

But there is a great website out there that can help you and your student save money called CampusBookRentals . You can save up to 80% when renting textbooks, as compared to buying them.  You can use a highlighter or write in them just as if you owned them!  That is a must for any college student.  You can keep them as long as you need them and when you are done and need to ship them back, you already have an envelope to ship them back in! This company has rented over 1,000,000 books in over 5,500 campuses nationwide.
What a great idea!  I am all for saving money when it comes to college!

You can also check out their new program called Rent Back. This is a new program that lets students rent the textbooks they own to other students.  I know when my kids were done with their textbooks and it was time to sell them back to the bookstore, they got a fraction of what they paid out at the beginning of the semester. It was frustrating for them and for me.  Sometimes they would keep them and sometimes they found their way to garage sales. What an ingenious idea this program is. Think how it will help in those expenses while they are at college!

I am a big fan of supporting good charities and also a fan of supporting businesses that do, too. This great business is no exception!  You can look here to see how they are Making a Difference . This year in 2013 they will continue with Operation Smile but also have set aside money for textbook scholarships to help out students!

It is almost time to send our kids to college for the fall semester.  Whether its for the first time or the last time, it is always nice to save money whenever we can! Be sure to check out Campus Book Rentals and learn all about how to help you do just that!

That, my friends, is what is On My Mind Right Now!

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